Our vision & mission

Our vision & mission

The Link between
suppliers &

As Direct Fresh International we aim to form a link between our suppliers and our clients.

We bring both parties together and then collaborate, with the objective of fulfilling the wishes of the consumer. The right produce, in the right quality, in the right packaging, with the right image and for the right price.

We have forged long-term relationships with renowned suppliers. Suppliers with an exceptional tale to tell. Suppliers who stand for superior quality, nature, ethical responsibility and who are willing to listen to what their clients have to say. These are the suppliers we are prepared to fight for.

It is vital that our clients know where their produce is sourced from. That means that the lines have to be kept short and transparent. For the supplier this entails also getting to know and understand the end client. All with the intention of truly being able to fulfil the wishes and meet the demands of the consumer together.  Direct Fresh International plays a leading role in this process.


We listen
to the
wishes of the clients

Wij weten wat voor onze afnemers belangrijk is. We hebben jarenlange ervaring in de branche. We luisteren naar onze afnemers en denken met hen mee. En met deze eigenschappen kunnen we onze afnemers vertegenwoordigen.

Direct Fresh International neemt de wensen van haar afnemers serieus. Dat vraagt om een luisterend oor aan de kant van haar afnemers (wat wil de consument?) en tegelijk korte lijnen met de leverancierszijde (afstemmen en verwezenlijken van de consumentenwensen).